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Best Bot And Scrapping Service Protection Solution For
E-commerce And Classified Ads Businesses


A Full-service Provider Of Data- You Don’t Need Software, Hardware, Scraping Tools Or Scraping Skills- We Do It All For You - Simple


We Build Custom Real-time Apis For Websites That Do Not Provide An Api Or Have A Rate-limited Or Data-limited Apis So That You Can Integrate The Data In Your Applications


We Build Custom artificial intelligence (Ai/ml/nlp) Based Solutions To Analyze The Data We Gather For You, So We Can Provide Much More Than Just Web Scraping Services

How Businesses Use Data Through Web Scraping

Web Scraping Enables Busineses To Take Unstructured Data On The World Wide And Turn It Into Structured Data So That It Can Be Consumed by their applications providing significant bussies value.

Stock Market And
Financial Data

Gather Data About Global Financial Markets, Stock Markets, Trading, Commodity And Economic Indicators, Enhance And Augment The Data Availavle To Analysts And Intrnal Financial Models To Make Thm Perform Better.

Product, Pricing And
Review Data

Scrape Ecommerce Websites To Extract Product Prices, Availability, Reviews, Prominence, Brand Reputation And More. Monitor Your Distribution Chain, And Analyze Customer Reviews To Improve Your Products And Profits With This Data.

Real Estate And
Housing Data

Scrape Real Estate Listings, Agents, Brokers, Houses, Apartments, Mortgages, Foreclosures, Mls. Keep A Watch On New Data By Setting Up Custom Email Alerts.

Job Data And
Human Capital

Find The Best Candidates For Your Company Or Keep Tabs On Who Your Competition Is Hiring. Aggregate Jobs From Job Boards Or Company Websites - All This Can Be Accomplished Through Web Scraping.

Travel, Hotel And
Airline Data

Extract Data From Travel Websites To Accurately Analyze Hotel Reviews, Pricing, Room Availability And Airline Ticket Prices Using Our Advanced Web Scraping Services. Stay Competitive Through The Use Of Data.

Dark And
Deep Web Data

The Dark Web And The Deep Web Is A Gold Mine Ready To Be Exploited. Data Around Cybersecurity, Threats And Crime Related Trends Can Be Gathered For Value-added Analysis.

Stock Market And
Financial Data

Get New Sales Leads Relevant To Your Business Using Targeted Scraping Techniques. Enrich Data With Emails, Phone Numbers And Social Media Profiles For sales or markiting Campaigns.

Data For Research And

Power Your Next Research Project Or News Story With Data From The Web - Environmental Data, Third World Development Data, Crime Data, Local And Global Trends Etc.

Social Media Data

Gather Data From Social Media - Facebook, Twitter And Instagram. Collect Historical Data Or Get Alerts From These Sites. Monitor Your Reach And Measure The effectiveness of your campaign.


Most popular


USD 39$
  • 100 credits to use on one or more endpoints*
  • Raw HTML ** / Retail / Real Estate / Prestashop
  • 10 Concurrent Requests
  • JS Rendering
  • (Headless Chrome)
  • Premium Proxies
Best Value


USD 99$
  • 250K credits to use on one or more endpoints
  • Raw HTML ** / Retail / Real Estate / Prestashop
  • 15 Concurrent Requests
  • JS Rendering
  • (Headless Chrome)
  • Advanced Support
Full access


USD 299$
  • 1M credits to use on one or more endpoints*
  • Raw HTML ** / Retail / Real Estate / Prestashop
  • 20 Concurrent Requests
  • JS Rendering
  • Premium Proxies
  • Geotargeting
For biggest needs


USD 699$
  • 3M credits to use on one or more endpoints*
  • Raw HTML ** / Retail / Real Estate / Prestashop
  • 20 Concurrent Requests
  • JS Rendering
  • Premium Proxies
  • Geotargeting



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